It is a fine, cool morning here in Maryland, and promises to be a fine, hot day later. I am not a Halloweeniac who eschews summer. Summer is a time of anticipation. If we had Halloween year round, it would become ordinary. For me, Halloween prep starts in August. Just a few short days away!

I don’t normally go for playing cards, but I couldn’t resist pitching in on this Kickstarter:

The Halloween Deck

A couple of coins popped up this week. I wish the bat coin weren’t $100!

$20 bat coin for just under $100 US. Wait, wat?

Lovecraftian R’lyeh Coin. Via Propnomicon

Why didn’t I know about this? The first book by a favorite author. *grabby paws*

The Dark Exact is the shop of Coleman Stevenson, a Portland, Oregon based artist.

The Dark Exact Tarot, $38

I dig her style, and am itching to add her Tarot to the collection. The shop has a few different augury kits, plus scents, and other odds and ends.

Pin Divination Set, $22

And how cool is a matchbox ritual kit? That’s a stocking stuffer for all your witchy friends.

Ritual Kit, $10

Happy Friday the 13th!  My mother was seriously wigged out about the number 13. She had her reasons. Of course, being a horrible child, that gave me more reason to embrace it. Like I needed one.

Today’s first link is via my friend Myra, who frequently drags in the carcasses of interesting things and leaves them at my feet as gifts. Good kitty.

Hidden mothers in Victorian photography. I’m feeling an antiquing trip coming on.

Ravelry: Bats in the Night Sky Beanie

Mary Doodles paints a raven in a night sky. I could watch these all day. If you don’t have facebook, look her up on Youtube.

Small Town Monsters is a production company dedicated to local legends

Sugar Spooks showcases the scariest sugar, chocolate, and cake work