2 comments on “A Month of Spookdays: The York Drive Project

  1. Aarrgghhh, this makes me so angry! (Bu the fact that they opened anyway makes me happy)
    In my teeny tiny small town we decided to put up large crates of pumpkins as decor this year. It tool a couple of days and the pumpkins were destroyed. A week later we put them up again, and they were all stolen.

    You’d think this pissed me off (and it did, to a small degree). But then I heard that someone had called the district politician and demanded to know if their tax money was paying for “putting out decor only to be vandalized?”. Yes, who would ever come up with the stupid idea to try to beautify the town center with some pumpkins for fall? My god, the tax payers might have to split 30 dollars worth of pumpkins!

    No, what pisses me off is that one guy sitting at home, having nothing better to do than to complain about someone else’s try to brighten our day up.

    • Yes, exactly. And as I mentioned to the builders when I was there: if it were a Christmas display, there wouldn’t be a problem. Oh, the news guys that were there? Did a wonderful, positive piece, emphasizing how the haunt is great for the neighborhood. So nyah!

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