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Art Journal: Where Palm Trees Sway

I absolutely love this page.

I recently spent a few days in Sarasota, Florida. Over the next weeks, I’ll be incorporating pictures and ephemera from that trip into my art journal. Today’s page is about my love of palm trees. It includes one of my favorite pics from the trip, and a whole lot of glitter tape.


Art Journal: Where Palm Trees Sway

Craft Text Stamp from QKR Stampede

Spent some time at the Heirloom Rubber Stamp and Paper Arts Festival today. I went thinking I wouldn’t spend much. More fool me. Had a great time even though it’s a fairly small show, with only 21 vendors. There were lots of indie stamps and dies. Tessler Stamps/Stencils Company had a particularly good selection of wafer-thin dies. I didn’t pick anything up today, but I want to go back when their site is working (down as of this writing).

Here’s a short haul video:

My special guest says thank you!


Antiquing Haul

Antiquing haul

Woke up with the urge to hit an antique store or two and find some photos, ephemera, and maybe some boxes. I think I did pretty well. If you’d like to watch me go through every bit of it, here’s a video:

Art Journal: Butterflies are Free

I love Craft Test Dummies. I’m always watching their reviews for great new things. So while I’m not a big enterer of contests, when Jenny gave away a bunch of gift boxes for her 5th blogaversary, I joined up. Getting odds and ends from a crafter you admire is pretty cool. Much to my delight, I won. I decided that this would make a nice thank you.

This is more assemblage than I usually do, but I had fun playing with the stuff in the box!

Art Journal: Butterflies are Free

Art Journal: Butterflies are Free