Moving Pictures

Is it deeply flawed? Well, yes. From timeline issues, to acting, to script, to the vintage 1972 posters of Beck and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Not to mention a rather unthreatening denouement. Nonetheless, Anthony M. Winson has created this homage to 70s haunted house films with great love. He gets the feel exactly right–that slightly surreal, claustrophobic atmosphere. The music is also spot on. And the final test–it had a couple good scares.  My tolerance for long amateur films is short, but I watched this all the way through, delighting in his tropes and nods.


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I forget why I searched youtube for the words “graveyard girl,” but doing so made this enthusiastic, kinda fun chick pop up. I dug back through some of her Halloween posts. Here are some cool shoes.

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