Robyn Lees makes hip, spooky bits. I think she has a great design style, and I could go absolutely nuts in this store. In fact, I need to add this place to the Spousal Unit’s holiday hint file.

Clear Resin Globe with Embedded Cauldron. $11.05

Mirror Ghost Necklace, $13.81

This memorial urn includes glow-in-the-dark powder to mix with your loved one’s ashes. $62.15

Flower Sentry charm necklace, $10.86

Seventh Ink is the home of Matthew Johnson (who should totally do shirts for The The). Johnson does wonderfully designed pins, patches, shirts, etc. The size chart on his shirts make no sense, unless that’s a straight measurement across the front. I’m tempted to find out, because…

Haunted Harvest, $28

Bats, $28

Altered Vivification, $28

Enamel pins will probably be out again next week, but for now, you can jump on the trend with some cool stuff:

Candy Corn Enamel Pin Set, $25

Graveyard Shift Pin, $10

Just want something purty for your walls? These could only be better if they were printed on black velvet:

Blacklight Mini Prints, $20

De Mer Jewelry isn’t all skulls, all the time, but they do have some lovely memento mori pieces, and overall, their thick, swooping lines and matte metals appeal to a darker sensibility.  Just have your life savings ready.

Two finger ring, Tahitian black pearl, $27,841

Skull Fleur De Lis pendant necklace, $3,087

Memorial necklace, $2,764

Gothic skull and reliquary memento mori, $14,302. My personal favorite.

Heavy Silver Wayward Memento Mori Mens Ring, $1,599. For the budget-conscious.

Traditions carries both genuine vintage and vintage-style items. I’ve found a couple of things to be a bit overpriced (check out the Halloween Dolls–there’s a witch you can get for $20 at Tuesday Morning), but they carry a ton of stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else. They organize things into artist collections, so you know who did what.  I also kinda love how it’s all on one enormous page. You just keep scrolling…

(note: all the links go to the main page, as there aren’t individual item pages)

Halloween Car Ride, Allen Cunningham, $59.99

Flying Skull Tree Topper, $16.99

Johanna Parker Pumpkin Peep Sitters, $25.99

Halloween Fairy, Debra Schoch, $54.99 (She looks like she can’t even)

Creature Carvings doesn’t have hundreds of items, but what they do have is beautifully done.

Vampire Bat Candle, $12.50

Katya takes her original carvings and turns them into lovely candles, perfectly priced for gifts.  I think the Spousal Unit needs one of these.

Cthulhu Candle, $33.00

While I have several favorites, this one truly makes me smile.  Noooo! Don’t burn my head!

Scared Candle, $11.50

I can never resist a good JoL. Note the holiday-appropriate price.

Black Jack-o-Lantern, $13.00.

My Soul Design

I’ve linked My Soul Design from the facebook page, but I thought it was worth a full post here as well.

Black and Gold Bird Pendant, $381.23

Natalia Lubieniecka creates astonishing spiders, beetles, and many other critters at her studio in Vienna, Austria.

Vintage casket with Spider, $317.48

The sculptures are created with vintage fabric, beads, and semi-precious stones.

Black Cicada Brooch, $381.23

Definitely something I’d love to wear. Despite (or maybe because of) the screams.

Black Spider Bracelet, $189.98

Traditions carries vintage-style decorations for all the major holidays, and they do an especially good job with Halloween. Want something a little spooky for your Christmas tree? Traditions has a lovely section of ornaments and tree-toppers. Even trees!  I’m keeping this one bookmarked.

Sassy Cat Tree Topper, $6.99


Pumpkins in a Circle Tree Skirt, $39.99

Black Raven Ornament, $23.99

Mysterious Bat Ornament, $18.99